Gábor IVÁN

Iván is my family name


I started my career right after the university in 2004 at a small digital printing studio. I developed their website as well as the online portal of their closest business partner. I learned a lot not only in web development but also picked up some useful knowledge in the digital printing.

In 2005 in jumped into the deep water and get a job at Hungary's largest creative/media agency the Carnation Inc. There I became a part of the team, and worked and learned hard to hit the same level as the professionals there. I met some really great guys there and I will always remember those years as the most intense period of my life.

But unfortunately in 2008 I won the "Worst timing to get a loan" contest that hit my existence very hard, and caused depression and gray hairs. It also affected negatively my mood and motivation in my beloved company, and I needed an environmental change to get out from the ditch.

So in 2011 I got a web developer job at Docler Holding, which is the mother company of the world's biggest adult streaming website. I have to write this, because everybody makes jokes and asks annoying questions: Yes, that adult. No, the performances were not held in the building. No, there were no naked girls around us. No, we didn't watched the streams during work. We were programming there. We worked on the desktop website, the mobile website, and we took care the streams only in technical perspective.

In 2013 the company changed its strategy and decided to move the whole development department to Luxembourg. Because the package the company offered me was not good enough to live in one of the world's most expensive city AND to pay my loan - that anchored me to Hungary and hooked around my neck like a rope - I decided to look for other opportunities.

I applied for several jobs in England and in Germany (however I couldn't even speak German at all), I also went to London for 3 days, because a recruiter arranged some interviews. Ahh, do you remember those pre-Covid times with the personal meetings? So on my last day in London one of the German start-ups called me - actually they called the recruiter who called me - that they liked the Skype interview with me and I also passed their coding test, so if I want the job, it's mine.

This is how I moved to Germany on 1st of January in 2014, and started my career in this small but amazing Bavarian e-commerce company: Westwing.

In 2020 in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I moved to home office, and in the meanwhile I moved to Aystetten.

In 2023 a new journey awaits for me. So to be continued...

What is the conclusion?

I can say without arrogance, that I am a reliable, a good team-worker, self-study guy, and I am loyal to the company I work for until I am welcomed and I feel good there.