Gábor IVÁN

Iván is my family name


In the beginning I was drawing on paper with pencil. I loved to do that. I was a pretty good amateur.

Then I wanted to share them on this "new" thing called the Internet. So I learned the basics of HTML and CSS.

Then I wanted to move out from the static world, and wanted to add some dynamics to my online creatures, so I started to learn programming. I found my path in the Web Development. My passion became my profession. Although, I didn't share any of my drawings in the Internet...

I live in Aystetten and work in Home Office for a company in München, Germany since 2014. Before that, I spent a dozen of years in different companies in Hungary as a web developer.

I can show my best skills, when I find a task that fires my interest up to a level where I will focus 100% on the task and recognize no time nor hunger.